Where Did The Summer Go?

We are nearly ready to start up again for 2nd year! The time has flown.

Beaver and Cub Scouts will start back on the 10th of September at the same times. 6:30pm for the Beavers and 7:45pm for the Cubs.

We haven’t even opened our doors yet and we are already full. Unfortunately we only managed to take three so far off that long waiting list for Beavers. None of the waiting Cubs got a space and Cub Scouts are over subscribed thanks to all the eager Beaver moving up to Cubs.

And for those Cubs who are Scout age? We are opening a Scout group! Scouts are aged 12, 13, 14 & 15. They are starting on Friday the 13th. We have been assured it’s a lucky day to open a new section. Our fearless Scout Leaders obviously aren’t superstitious.

We also have an active Venture Scout group for the older again scouts.

Scouts and Venture Scouts are the only sections we have spaces for. If you or anyone you know is aged between 12 and 18 and would like to become a Scout come pop in to our registration night on Friday the 6th of September or call to the Den any Friday evening.

We have mixed feelings about our Registration Night on the 6th. We are hoping all last years scouts come back but are also hoping some don’t so we can take on some more new members.

There’s no two ways about it. The only way to get into Beaver or Cub Scouts is for a parent to sign up to be a Leader.