The Scouting Ireland website has all the information parents need to know about scouting, our Code of Practice, Constitution and Rules. Every Scouter must be Garda vetted before they begin attending meetings or events.

As a Group we like to get parents involved as much as we can and we can be pretty persuasive.

We do a lot of fundraising as camping equipment is expensive to buy and maintain. The parents are always the first we turn to for organising events.

We also like to keep parents informed as much as we can.  Along with this website there is a closed Facebook Group for Newcastle West Scouts where full details of events, requirements for events and all photos are posted, even the unflattering ones of Scouters.

We are also going to have at least one Family/Parent & Scout event a year. So, if you are thinking of sending your child to Scouts with us, you have been warned, you may have to get out those hiking boots!